Instituto DARA



The Future Quotient 50 Stars in Serious Long Term Innovation


Breaking the link between Poverty and Poor Health: A Program and Evaluation Plan of Dara Institute


BH Cidadania Program


Book: Influir em Políticas Públicas e Provocar Mudanças Sociais


Mothers of Innovation – Geraldine Bedell

Mothers of Innovation – Geraldine Bedell

Dara Institute promotes solidarity live to alert society about the worsening of poverty in Brazil

The live “Enough! Poverty is not normal” will include artists, digital influencers and families supported by the organization, which has been working for 29 years to combat structural poverty.

Live – Challenges of income generation in the peripheries and circular economy


Poverty is not normal, by Vera Cordeiro

A hungry person is enough to be make us outraged. Before, during or after the pandemic it should be no different.
Poverty is not normal. The situation of people living in an unworthy manner is increasingly evident

Live – Integral health: the importance of an integrated vision to families in social vulnerability


Live – Enough! Poverty is not normal


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