Ff Mileage Agreement Exists Sabre

FF Mileage Agreement Exists with Sabre – What Does This Mean for Travelers?

If you`re a frequent traveler, you`re likely aware of the importance of frequent flyer miles. These miles can be accrued through a variety of means, including flights, credit card purchases, and hotel stays. Many airlines have partnerships with other airlines that allow you to accrue miles on one airline and use them on another. But did you know that there is a FF mileage agreement between Sabre and various airlines?

First, what is Sabre? Sabre is a global travel technology company that provides a variety of services to airlines, hotels, and travel agencies. Their services include reservation systems, airport operations software, and travel management solutions. Sabre is used by more than 400 airlines and over 220,000 hotels and is responsible for processing over $120 billion in travel transactions annually.

So, what does this FF mileage agreement mean for travelers? Essentially, it means that if you book a flight with one of the airlines partnered with Sabre, you can earn frequent flyer miles on that airline and use them on any other airline in the Sabre network. This opens up a world of possibilities for travelers, allowing them to combine miles from multiple airlines to get the most out of their rewards.

Currently, the airlines partnered with Sabre for this FF mileage agreement include:

– American Airlines

– Alaska Airlines

– Air Canada

– Cathay Pacific

– Emirates

– Hawaiian Airlines

– Qantas Airways

But how do you take advantage of this agreement? First, you`ll need to be a member of one of the airline`s frequent flyer programs. Then, when booking a flight, make sure to book through a Sabre-connected travel agent or website. This will ensure that your miles are credited to your frequent flyer account and that you can take advantage of the FF mileage agreement.

It`s important to note that not all flights booked through Sabre will be eligible for frequent flyer miles. Make sure to check with the airline before booking to ensure that your flight is eligible.

In conclusion, the FF mileage agreement between Sabre and various airlines is great news for travelers. It allows for more flexibility and options when it comes to using frequent flyer miles, making it easier to get the most out of your rewards. If you`re an avid traveler, make sure to take advantage of this agreement on your next trip.

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