Sentence Starting with Agreement

As a copy editor, one of the crucial elements to keep in mind while writing or editing is ensuring grammatical accuracy. One interesting technique to enhance the quality of writing and make it more effective is by starting sentences with an agreement. Beginning sentences with agreement can provide a sense of consistency, clarity, and concision to any written content.

First and foremost, starting sentences with agreement enables the reader to quickly grasp the main idea of the sentence. An agreement can create a clear connection between different parts of the sentence, making it easier to understand the writer`s intention. For example, consider the sentence, “To succeed in business, efficiency and time management are vital.” The agreement between “efficiency” and “time management” makes it clear that they both are equally important in achieving success in business.

Additionally, starting sentences with agreement can promote consistency in writing. Consistency is a crucial aspect of effective writing, and using agreements can help achieve this goal. When we use agreements, we are creating a flow that maintains consistency throughout the text. For instance, “Having a reliable internet connection and a good computer are essential for remote work” – both “reliable internet connection” and “good computer” have the same level of importance in remote work, and starting the sentence with this agreement enhances its consistency.

Starting sentences with agreement can also help to make the text more concise and effective. Using agreements can help avoid redundancy, as it is a useful way to refer back to something that has already been mentioned in the text. As an example, “The manager has suggested a new marketing strategy, and we need to work together to execute it successfully” – using “it” to refer to “new marketing strategy” in the beginning of the sentence helps to avoid unnecessary repetition.

In conclusion, starting sentences with agreement is an excellent technique to enhance your writing`s quality and make it more effective. By using agreements, we can promote clarity, consistency, and concision, all vital aspects of excellent writing. As a copy editor, it is essential to keep this technique in mind while improving the overall quality of written content.

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