Responsible for disseminating and implementing Instituto Dara’s social methodology – the Family Action Plan (PAF) – to other organizations and territories at the national and international levels, our Expansion area develops consulting and technical advisory activities for the public sector and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to train their teams in the methodology and replicate knowledge.

In addition, the objectives of Instituto Dara include influencing public policies based on the PAF.

Therefore, it operates as a consultant to the Ministry of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Fight against Hunger by helping them to improve the Family Protection and Full Care Service (Paif) methodology offered in Social Assistance Reference Centers (Cras).

Get to know places where the PAF methodology transforms lives:

Belo Horizonte/MG
The PAF was adopted as part of the Municipal ‘Citizen Family – BH Without Poverty’ Project, implemented by the Government of the city of Belo Horizonte, and it allowed for the concrete development of an intersectoral articulation to take care of families in social vulnerability residing in the territories where the BH Citizenship Program operates.

Developed in partnership with Instituto Tecendo Infâncias, the ‘Cuidar Itu’ Program is an intersectoral initiative that aims to accompany and support the most vulnerable families in the city of Itu/SP by facilitating their access to public services and promoting their protagonism, citizenship and inclusion.
The program was created by a municipal law based on the PAF.
Dara trained professionals from the municipal Government and monitored the implementation of the methodology in the city.

Rio de Janeiro/RJ
The PAF methodology is also being shared with the Rio de Janeiro State Court to take care of families in social vulnerability who are a party in cases being processed by Childhood, Youth and Elderly Courts.
The objective is to offer these families guidance so that they reestablish their homes in a healthy way, with access to food security, revenue generation opportunities, information about their rights, and a perspective of a future with dignity.

In partnership with Vale, Instituto Dara is also carrying out a project that will enable human development and autonomy to the population of the Vila Geny community in the city of Itaguaí.
The objective is to fight poverty, based on the experience of the Family Action Plan, in the health, revenue, citizenship, education and housing areas in partnership with local public policies.

In Nampula, we have shared the PAF methodology with the Girl Move organization.
Girlmovers are medical, psychology, education, law and other professionals, who, through training programs, leverage their talent for a more sustainable development in Mozambique.
The objective of the partnership has been to test how a holistic perspective on health can enhance the well-being and prosperity of Mozambican families.

Estados Unidos
In Baltimore, Instituto Dara shared the PAF with the University of Maryland.
During the consulting period, we applied the methodology to vulnerable communities in Baltimore and studied how it could be adapted to a vastly different cultural context from the Brazilian one, as well as how it could measure the impact of the Program on human development and the fight against social isolation.