“A human must turn information into intelligence or knowledge.” (Grace Hopper)

The Knowledge area was created to systematize and share the knowledge accumulated by Instituto Dara in more than three decades, in order to mobilize civil society, articulate the ecosystem of social impact and influence public policies to amplify actions to combat poverty, promote health and human development. Get to know the main fronts of action in the Knowledge area.

Hub for Poverty Eradication – HubEP

A multisectoral, 100% collaborative initiative for the eradication of poverty, it results from the collaboration between eight important Brazilian social organizations:
Ação da Cidadania, Cieds, Gastromotiva, Instituto Dara, Ipê – Institute for Ecological Research, Rede Asta, Sistema B, and UNIperiferias.
The platform allows for accessing content on fighting poverty – lessons, tools, stories, methodologies, articles, research, paths, mistakes, and hits – so that each professional, institution and civil society can further expand the real impacts of their projects and strengthen the ecosystem to fight poverty.

Knowledge Space – Dr. Luis Carlos Vieira Teixeira Room

The headquarters of Instituto Dara also has a space dedicated to events (debates, seminars, congresses, and workshops) related to relevant citizenship-related topics. The meetings foster a network of different players of the social impact ecosystem to discuss and collectively build and exchange knowledge.

Academic & Innovation Lab

Innovation and practice are at the core of Dara’s knowledge production.
The Lab is a permanent hub of teaching, research, extension, innovation, creation and exchange. It maintains a close interface with the Academia, so as to foster the production of knowledge and new instruments that promote health, human development, and the multidimensional fight against poverty.