Family Action Plan

About PAF

The Family Action Plan (PAF) is an innovative social and multidisciplinary methodology created by Instituto Dara in partnership with the families served over more than three decades of operations. The Plan is based on the understanding that poverty is multidimensional, and that the social transformation of vulnerable families is only possible when social determinants of health are addressed in an integrated manner.

The PAF consists of the establishment of joint goals and integrated actions in the areas of Health, Housing, Revenue Generation, Citizenship and Education, aiming at autonomy and human development.

Our methodology is nationally and internationally recognized for its innovative and intersectoral approach to fighting poverty. In 2003, he achieved the Social Technology certification from the Banco do Brasil Foundation.


Divided into three work sectors – Medicine, Nutrition and Psychology – it offers guidance to the families served to promote whole health, well-being, and quality of life. It is also engaged in preventing diseases, encouraging preventive exams, physical activity, and healthy eating. Additionally, the Program works for families to understand and navigate the Unified Health System (SUS).


Professionals in the area identify the existing work skills in adults in families and promote actions that provide the development of new skills to enable the emergence of new job opportunities, increased employability or investment in entrepreneurship with a focus on creative economy.


The work is conducted on two fronts: consulting and intervention. On the consulting front, Dara advises on good domestic hygiene and health practices, and provides technical support on civil construction issues. On the intervention front, renovations related to sanitary, hydraulic or electrical installations are carried out based on pre-established criteria.


It proposes to encourage families to continuously adopt an attitude of civil participation, autonomy and protagonism in the context in which they live by promoting access to justice and providing guidance on their rights and duties.


The aim is to ensure access to education for school-age children and adolescents and to encourage the family’s direct participation in the academic life of their children, in addition to arousing the interest of adults at multiple formal and non-formal education spaces and promoting cultural activities.


The PAF seeks to provide the families served with information and knowledge related to Health, Housing, Revenue Generation, Citizenship and Education, so that they can fight the vulnerability they are facing by promoting their autonomy, preparing them for self-sustenance and fostering their protagonism in the conduct of their life.
When families come to Dara at their monthly check-in, there is an affectionate, active listening moment in which a group of experienced volunteers greets each family before they begin their rounds with the multidisciplinary team of professionals. This moment is called the Welcome. At the Welcome moment, volunteers greet the families, listen carefully to their moment, and seek to create a human bond, which greatly contributes to their adherence and involvement in the Family Action Plan.