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Follow-up and Assessment

The short-term results of Dara Institute are monitored through a robust monitoring system developed by the institute with the support of a company called Radix Engenharia e Software. More than 150 -quantitative and qualitative- indicators are monitored in the working areas of the Plano de Ação Familiar (PAF – Family Action Plan): income, health, education, citizenship and housing. These indicators have been created over the years based on what the team and the families have shared.

The information about the family is entered into the system by the team during the monthly assistance appointments, home visits and remote assistance. Based on this information, the system can generate different types of multidisciplinary reports, enabling the data from the different areas to be integrated. This means that, for example, information collected by one area can be accessed by another, allowing for a better understanding of the reality of a family.

With the data stored in the monitoring system, the Institute is able to prove that from January 2013 to December 2019, for example, families that completed a two-year program at Dara have experienced a 51% increase in their income, compared to when they first started. In the same period, hospital readmissions dropped by 56%.

The indicators and compiled data are periodically assessed by the team to check on how each family evolves and the needs for intervention and actions that should be implemented based on the challenges of each family. The data are also important for the completion of the program by each family since all areas insert their opinions and must agree on how fit the family is to conclude their program.

The information collected is also important for the rendering of accounts to partners and as knowledge production for research.

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