Instituto DARA



“Dara Institute has created a powerful method of social inclusion for the poorest”

Muhammad Yunus

2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

“Dara Institute is an extraordinary work made with heart and entrepreneurship”

Bill Drayton

President of Ashoka

“The Ursula Zindel-Hilti Foundation has been a very proud partner of Dara Institute since 2007. Vera Cordeiro and her team have helped hundreds of families with sick children over many years with their clear vision and precise methodology. It is not just about offering relief to children with acute health problems. The key to this very successful project is to improve families’ living conditions and self-sufficiency. Success can be proven by statistics and testimonials, but for us the biggest evidence of success is the happy faces of the people who have a chance for a better and decent future thanks to the professional support of Dara Institute.”

Ursula Zindel

Founder of Ursula Zindel-Hilti Foundation (In memoriam)

“Dara Institute is a social technology. It is powerful, it saves lives as no other current technology in the health or cure sectors. ASC has shown that it is possible to effectively and systematically attack the different causes of illness in poor communities, reducing hospital admission rates and providing relief to the suffering of the families and health care professionals involved. The organization is a world leader in evolving health with integrity and prevention all over the world.”

David Bornstein

Journalist, author of the book "How to Change the World"

“An example of social action with real capacity to completely change the reality of families. With this in mind it is easier to believe it’s possible to make our country a more equal place for everyone.”

Isadora de Afrodite

Avina Partner

“It’s not enough to have a heart and try to do something for the poorest. The Dara Institute knows how to do this in a scalable way, anywhere. It’s not local, it’s global. And what has kept me involved with Dara for many years is my absolute belief in its competence and seriousness.”

Armínio Fraga

Economist and President of the Dara Institute Trust Fund

“Dara Institue delivers everything the Solidarity Community intends to be, preach, and expects in terms of support from society.”

Ruth Cardoso

Brazilian First Lady (1994 - 2002) (In memoriam)

“Doctor Vera is a dreamer with both her feet planted solidly on the ground. She makes utopias come true. Dara Institute was founded not because we were nice people whishing to be charitable. The initiative was the result of us not agreeing with a landscape of misery;it was the result of our indignation of being witnesses of a cruelreality that had to be changed. Something had to be done. Dara Institute is a role model for other similar institutions to emerge. My wish is that utopia comes true.”

Dr. Luiz Carlos Vieira Teixeira

Former Chairman, Board of Directors of Dara Institute (In memoriam)

“I believe that based on experiences like this one and the support they provide, we can start helping, rebuilding and creating a new relationship between us and the society.”

Herbert de Souza - Betinho

Sociologist (In memoriam)

“No one country has all of the answers to addressing poverty, but Brazil’s Dara Institute program is a winner!”

Dr. Yolanda Ogbolu

Head of the Global Health Department at the University of Maryland Nursing School