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Vera Cordeiro: Ideas and Social Entrepreneurship

Start of the work at Lagoa Hospital

Department of Psychosomatics of Lagoa Hospital is created

Promotion of the integrated view of the patient in a public hospital

The idea of perceiving the vicious cycle is born

Dara Institute (Saúde Criança) is established

Vera Cordeiro is elected Ashoka Fellow, with the support of Cindy Lessa, Bill Drayton, and João Cláudio

Ashoka Event. Contato Mckinsey – Comandatuba/Bahia. Presented by André Lara Resende (BNDES – Brazilian Development Bank)

States of the World Forum Lecture (first international lecture in the USA)

The group and Dra. Ruth Cardoso (then-first lady of Brazil) visit the UN Headquarter

Vera Cordeiro is elected Avina Leader

Vera Cordeiro is elected Social Entrepreneur by the Schwab Foundation

Lecture at the World Economic Forum – Davos

Lecture at Fiesp in partnership with White Martins

“Governance for Social Projects” (“Governança para Projetos Sociais”) Course. Inspiration for the Equity Fund. Harvard University

Vera Cordeiro is assigned advisor at Path: a Catalyst for Global Health 2005-2011

Ranked by Forbes Magazine as the most influential woman in the Health Sector in Brazil

Start of the partnership with the Ursula Zindel Hilti Foundation

Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship – England

World Economic Forum on Latin America – Chile

Contributions Committee Meeting in Buenos Aires

Lecture at the 7th Global Social Entrepreneurs Summit – Zurich

Lecture at the Young Presidents Organization – Miami

Partnership with Avina

Lecture at the Global Forum for Research, as Avina guest, in Cuba

Methodology as public policy in Belo Horizinte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Lecture with Muhammad Yunus, at Vivo Rio (Rio de Janeiro), 3rd International Forum on Communication and Sustainability

The 2010 Clinton Global Initiative Meeting, EUA

Talks at TEDxRio and TEDxVila Madá

“50 Stars in Seriously Long Term Innovation” volans and JWT

The documentary “Who Cares?”, directed by Mara Mourão, featuring Vera Cordeiro, is released

Lecture at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA

Innovations for Health: Solution that Cross Borders, Ashoka ChangeMakers

Article about Dara Institute (Saúde Criança) published by the Huffington Post and The New York Times

Lecture “The Global Philanthropy Forum”, California (USA)

Map of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Lecture, Lisbon

Lecturre at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon

Amil Odete Freitas – Battery Powered Award Lecture, San Francisco (USA)

The Wellbeing Project, California (USA)

Lecture at the Skoll Forum UK, London (England)

The Wellbeing Project – Morocco

Lecture at the Brazilian Pact for Early Childhood, in the National Justice Council of Brazil (SP)

Diálogos no Rio (Dialogs in Rio) Lecture, at Casa Firjan (Rio de Janeiro), with Armínio Fraga, Miguel Lago, and Rubem César Fernandes

Lecture at Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro

Lecture at the Planetary (Rio de Janeiro), with Eugênio Scannavino Netto (Saúde e Alegria Project)

Open Class. Unisinos Lecture

Lecture Early Childhood Challenges in the Covid-19 Pandemic. Frente Parlamentar da Primeira Infância (Parliamentary Front for Early Childhood)

Catalyst 2030 Lecture. Health


Women of the Year Award – Sesc (Social Service of Commerce)

50th Anniversary Award – Sesi/RJ/DN

Tiradentes Medal by the Legislative Assembly of the State Government of Rio de Janeiro

Prêmio Bem Eficiente (“Very Efficient Award”), Kanitz e Associados

Prêmio Dose de Vida (“Dose of Life Award”), Laboratório Aché

UBS Visionaris Award

Abrinq Criança Award

Skoll Foundation Award – International recognition and credibility

Orilla Axé Award for Social Responsibility, Afroreggae

Prêmio ODM Brasil (“ODM Brazil Award”).,Federal Government of Brazi

6th Annual World Health Care Congress (most innovative health project)

Prêmio Mulher Destaque BPW Rio (BPW Rio Outstanding Woman Award)

Prêmio Mais Saúde (More Health Award). Ashoka Changemakers

Rio Pride Award, O Dia newspaper

ALAS – BID, ALAS Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank

Featured in the 100 best NGOs in the world, Global Journal. 1st of Latin America and 38th in the world

Prêmio Todo Extra (Todo Extra Award), Extra newspaper

IBEF Sustentabilidade (IBEF Sustainability), IBE of Finance

GHC-GBC Health Business Action Award

Best Community Investment Initiative, Global Health Council and GBC Health

Social Responsibility Award, Barra da Tijuca (Rio de Janeiro) Press Association

21st most influential NGO in the world, Global Geneva

Medalha Símbolo de Legião de Honra do presidente JK (Legion of Honor Medal of President JK). Social Entrepreneur of the Year by the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro

Most influential NGO in Latin America and 19th of the world, NGO Advisor

Featuring in the “Society, Science and Health” Category. Prêmio faz diferença (Making a Difference Award),  O Globo newspaper

Best NGOs in Brazil Award, Época magazine

Hebraica Award – Outstanding Women

Hebraica Award – Outstanding Women

Most influential NGO in Latin America and 19th in the world, NGO Advisor

República Award

Most influential NGO in Latin America and 21st in the world, NGO Advisor

Best NGOs in Brazil Award, Época magazine

Most influential NGO in Latin America and 21st in the world, NGO Advisor

Most influential NGO in Latin America and 21st in the world, NGO Advisor (now thedotgood)

Most influential NGO in Latin America and 20th in the world, NGO Advisor (now thedotgood)

2022 Social Leadership Award – Brazil Foundation

Prêmio Melhores ONGs do Brasil (Best Brazilian NGOs Award), Instituto O  Mundo que Queremos / Instituto Doar / Ambev VOA

Joining, with special consultative status, the Economic and Social Council (Ecosoc) of the United Nations (UN)

Sustentainability and partnerships

Dr. Luiz Carlos Vieira teixeira, former director of Hospital da Lagoa – first adviser of the Dara Institute

Raffled a bed sheet as the first source of fundraising

Paulo Roberto Ayala Cordeiro, First major donor

Unimed: First corporate sponsor

Ashoka. International recognition and credibility

Partnership with Herbert de Souza (Betinho)

The godmother project (Projeto Madrinha) was created. Designed by Cordélia Gaensly

First institutional videos with Betinho and actor Tony Ramos

The Hook (Anzol) project was created. Designed by Horst Gaensly

Pro Bono Consulting: Mckinsey

Non-refundable donation. BNDES. Increase in the number of families supported. Structuring and expansion of staff.

Agreement signed with the Federal Government to remain in Parque Lage. Made possible by Cristina and Eduardo Eugênio Gouveia Vieira

Fundraising dinner. Arminio Fraga and Luciana Fraga. Presence of  Ruth Cardoso [former First Lady]

Avina: Recognition and strengthening. Matched funds. Vera Cordeiro and Marta Scodro

Founded the legal sector by Laura Gaensly

Schwab Foundation: International recognition and credibility

White Martins becomes a sponsor

Created the Communication area

Created the profession and income program

Lecture at the World Economic Forum – Davos

Lecture at Fiesp. Partnership with White Martins

Partnership with Johnson & Johnson

Charity concert to celebrate 15 years of Saúde Criança at Sofitel Hotel (Rio de Janeiro)

Ursula Zindel Hilti Foundation. Support for expansion and replication of the methodology

The Saúde Criança para Sempre heritage fund was created. Made possible by Cristina Gouveia Vieira, Manuela Solleiro and Vera Cordeiro

Rede Saúde Criança is made official with institutions that use the methodology

ASC’s methodology is replicated by 24 other institutions

Methodology implemented at CRAS in Belo Horizonte. Made possible by Marta Scodro, Vera Cordeiro and Rui Marroig

Concert to celebrate 20th anniversary at Vivo Rio venue (Rio de Janeiro)

Partnership with Maternidade Maria Amélia Buarque de Hollanda, Rio de Janeiro

5th place in the Skoll Crowdrise

Consultancy for Ministry of Citizenship initiated

Brazil Foundation becomes a sponsor

Project with Criança Esperança approved

Comida Carioca project approved at the State Secretariat for Culture and Creative Economy

Tribunal de Justiça do Estado do Rio de Janeiro becomes a partnet

Start of partnership with Vale, willing to serving socially vulnerable families in Vila Geny, in the municipality of Itaguaí/RJ

The Cuidar Itu Program was launched, established by a municipal law and created based on the Family Action Plan (PAF). The program is the result of a partnership with the City of Itu (SP) and Instituto Tecendo Infâncias

Growth and expansion

First volunteers in the Stables of Parque Lage

First logo created

Founded the institution Reviver. First replication of the methodology

Over the years the model has been replicated in 24 public hospitals

Ressurgir, Refazer, and Reagir Institutions founded

First internal audit by Arthur Andersen

Recognition as an organization of federal public utility

The Profession Project is created by Renato Gaensly

New logo created

Resistance in Parque Lage. the expulsion process takes place and support is offered in tents and containers

New headquarters in Parque Lage inaugurated

Recriar is founded by a mother supported by the project

Friends of Renascer founded in New York (USA)

Book “How to change the World”, by David Bornstein, with a chapter on ASC launched

New Casa das Oficinas headquarters inaugurated at Jardim Botânico neighborhood (Rio de Janeiro)

1st Saúde Criança Renascer Forum

Anniversary logo created

2nd Saúde Criança Renascer Forum

Organizations Florescer, ASC Porto Alegre, Repensar, Saúde Criança Ilha, and Responder created

3rd Saúde Criança Renascer Forum

Organizations Recontar, ASC Florianópolis, Reunir, ASC São José dos Campos, and ASC Goiânia created

Implemented the methodology as a public policy in the city of Belo Horizonte

New logo created

Changed name to Associação Saúde Criança

Saúde Criança social franchise launched

ASC founded in São Paulo

Lecture at the World Economic Forum RJ

20 years of Instituto Dara (Saúde Criança)
Awarding of trophies
New logo created

New PAF system implemented

Social franchise with headquarters + 11 units

Research: Proof of long-term impact, by Georgetown University (USA)

Start selling Dara Institute (Saúde Criança) products over the internet

Campaign Doe um Sorriso (Donate a Smile)

Center of Excellence inaugurated

New headquarters inaugurated at Botafogo neighbourhood (Rio de Janeiro)

New logo created

Rebranding process initiated

Choice of new name: Dara Institute: Health and Human Development

Campaign Uma Mão Lava a Outra (One Hand Washes the Other)

Created the new logo of Instituto Dara

Created the new logo of Instituto Dara

Campaign Basta! Pobreza não é normal (Enough! Poverty is not normal)

Publication of the interview “Vera Cordeiro: addressing diseases of poverty” in the October edition of the “Bulletin of the World Heath Organization”, by World Health Organization (WHO)

Participation in the online event “Grand Writing Learning Series: Wisdom From the Social Entrepreneurs”, held by the global movement Catalyst 2030

Launch of the Hub for the Eradication of Poverty – HubEP, with the event “Poverty: its dimensions and how to eradicate it”. HubEP is a 100% collaborative multi-sector platform formed by eight civil society organizations, including the Dara Institute

Organization of the event “Women and social change”, an initiative by the Hub for the Eradication of Poverty – HubEP on the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Event “Overcoming Poverty: Making Change Happen” held at the Idea Center at Miami Dade College, in Miami (USA)

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