Families connect in Instituto Dara’s Housing Program

After delivering his résumé at Instituto Dara and talking to the coordinator of the Housing Program, bricklayer Flávio, father of six-year-old Mariana, got a job. “She gave me this work in the home of a family that is also cared for here, just like mine,” he said. The work took place at the home of Izabela, mother of nine-year-old Erik.

Izabela said the renovation has brought more quality of life to her family. “My house had excessive damp. When it rained, rainwater ran down the walls, but when it rains now, I’m not worried anymore.
After they have repaired the roof, damp was gone,” said Izabela.

For a month, the bricklayer and an assistant made improvements to the house. “I raised walls, laid roof tiles, painted the inside of the house, built a staircase and did part of the renovation in the external area,” said Flávio. For Izabela, the staircase was the most important detail. She used to walk with her son on her lap and, after the repairs, she does not have to make as much effort as before. “Now I can go upstairs with Erik at ease. It is not that difficult anymore,” she said, relieved.

Izabela has also transformed other areas of her life with the support of Instituto Dara. “My life has changed a lot since I came here. I am accompanied by the psychologist, and, through conversations, I can tell a little bit about my situation. I improved internally,” said Izabela.

Flávio thanked the job opportunity, and he is already making plans for the future. “I am working on a budget for another family’s house to do more repairs under the Housing Program,” he said, happily.