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Publication records project aimed at children’s mental health

A psychopedagogical recreational project aimed at children’s mental health, promoted by Dara Institute with the support of Queen Silvia’s Foundation – Care About the Children, […]

Dara Institute promotes an event in Miami to discuss social inclusion and poverty alleviation

On November 6th, Dara Institute hosted its first international event: Overcoming Poverty: Making Change Happen at the Idea Center of Miami Dade College in Miami, […]

HubEP promotes debate on gender and poverty on International Poverty Eradication Day

On October 17th, the date that marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, women representatives from various Brazilian NGOs will come together to […]

HubEP launches photography call for Brazilian black and peripheral women

Updated on Oct 20 2023 The Hub for the Eradication of Poverty (Hub para Erradicação da Pobreza – HubEP), a multisectoral and 100% collaborative platform […]

Vera Cordeiro shares her journey of the fight against poverty in an interview with Brazil Journal

In an interview with Brazil Journal, published on September 24th, Dr. Vera Cordeiro, Founder and President of the Administrative Council of the Dara Institute, shared […]

Volunteering: an act of solidarity

In Brazil, the National Volunteering Day is held on August 28th. On this day, we celebrate not just another date on the calendar, but also […]

Dara Institute granted special consultative status in UN’s ECOSOC

After 32 years of consistent work towards eradicating poverty, Dara Institute joined the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on July 26th, under a […]

Dara Institute is news on German TV Deutsche Welle

On June 12th, the German TV broadcaster Deutsche Welle visited  the Dara Institute’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro to record a TV report on teenage […]

Annual Report 2022: health, human development and transparency

With approximately 100 pages, the publication presents the main actions and results of the Dara Institute’s work over the past year, both in the areas […]

Instituto Dara and TechnipFMC: partnership goes stronger

Representatives of the French American company, TechnipFMC, visited Instituto Dara’s headquarters in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. They were: Lamonica Spivey, International Director of Inclusion, Diversity […]

Instituto Dara is one of the 100 best NGOs of 2022

The Prêmio Melhores ONGs (best NGOs award) announced the 100 best Brazilian social organizations in 2022 and Instituto Dara is one of them. On the […]

Instituto Dara is recognized as one of the most influential health programs in the world

Named as one of the four most innovative in fighting against health inequality, the Dara Institute was recognized by the American magazine Scientific American as […]

June, 2022

The Dara Institute was elected the best civil society organization in Brazil for the tenth consecutive year

The Dara Institute was recognized as the best civil society organization in Brazil for the tenth consecutive year and the twentieth best in the world […]

Instituto Dara shared knowledge with the Mozambican organization

For the second year in a row, the Dara Institute has shared the knowledge it has gained over more than 30 years of the intersectoral […]

The Dara Institute received a donation of US$ 1 million (R$ 5 million) from the American philanthropist and businesswoman MacKenzie Scott

The Dara Institute received a donation of US$ 1 million (R$ 5 million) from the American philanthropist and businesswoman MacKenzie Scott. According to the emissaries […]

May, 2022

Dara presents the Family Action Plan for Itu’s City Hall

Dara’s CEO, Adriane Menna Barreto, has visited Itu’s City Hall to get to know the county’s main public equipment. Tecendo Infâncias Institute invited Adriane to […]

Her Majesty The Queen’s Foundation “Care About the Children  – and the Dara Institute signed a partnership at the beginning of the year to develop a project for children’s emotional health in Rio de Janeiro.

The project “Children’s Emotional Health – early diagnosis for a better life” was designed to help 100 children up to 12 years of age in […]

Dr. Vera Cordeiro launches book describing her 30 years at the head of the Dara Institute

30 years ago, when she held a raffle to raise money to pay for the treatment of patients at the Hospital da Lagoa in Rio […]

Support from the World Bank and its staff contributes to families in extreme vulnerability

37 families living in extreme social vulnerability have benefited thanks to the support of the World Bank and its staff.

This is how one cycle of poverty and ill health is being broken in Brazil, by Vera Cordeiro

Extreme poverty is rising more now than it has for the last 20 years.
One Brazilian initiative eschews top-down solutions in favour of community-level problem solving.

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