Instituto DARA



Article “Global Learning for Health Equity: a Survey of Five Global Learning Sites in the US”

Article co-authored by Vera Cordeiro, founder and President of the Board of Directors of the Dara Institute, published in Sage Journal, describes the concept and […]

Article about the Dara Institute in Pesquisa Fapesp Magazine

The article A method to overcome the vicious cycle of poverty, written by Gilberto Stam, was published in issue 319 (September 2022) of Revista Pesquisa […]

Instituto Dara is recognized as one of the most influential health programs in the world

Named as one of the four most innovative in fighting against health inequality, the Dara Institute was recognized by the American magazine Scientific American as […]

The Results of Georgetown University’s Research About the Impact of Dara Institute

Researchers from Georgetown University Daniel Ortega Nieto, James Habyarimana and Jennifer Tobin, released in 2013 the results of a study that proves the positive middle and long term impact Dara Institute has on the quality of life of the families assisted.

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