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People Who Are Making Health Care More Fair

The Dara Institute operates on a model that recognizes how one dimension of poverty, such as income, affects other dimensions, such as housing. And together, […]

Dr. Vera created a way out of poverty. Your work makes Brazil proud.

    When poverty hindered medicine, Dr. Vera Cordeiro took action. Giuliano Guandalini, from Brazil Journal, chronicles the impact of the Dara Institute. Read (PT […]

Dara Institute is the subject of a report on German TV Deutsche Welle

The German TV channel Deutsche Welle visited the headquarters of the Dara Institute to record a report on teenage mothers in Brazil. Watch the report

Dr. Vera Cordeiro interview at the WHO Bulletin

Dr. Vera Cordeiro, founder of the Dara Institute, talks to Andréia Azevedo Soares about creating a community-level strategy to tackle the interlinked challenges of poverty […]

The fight against hunger by Vera Cordeiro

The fight against hunger by Vera Cordeiro, Founder and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Dara Institute.

Poverty is not normal, by Vera Cordeiro

Poverty is not normal, by Vera Cordeiro, Founder and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Dara Institute

A call for solidarity on the National Day to Fight Poverty

Artigo de Mirella Domenich, Diretora Executiva do Instituto Dara, no Dia Nacional de Combate à Pobreza.

Global Activities – Harvard Business School

In the latest issue of the magazine, Professor Julie Battilana said Dara Institute (former Saúde Criança) will be one of the next organizations to become a case study by the Department of Social Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School

The New York Times Article About Dara Institute

Georgetown University’s study on the middle and long term positive impact of Dara Institute on the lives of the families assisted was the topic of an article by the New York Times on 11 December 2013. Take a look at the article: “Helping Brazil’s Poor Heal at Home” by David Bornstein.