Children’s Mental Health Project

This project aims to monitor the mental health of children who are
members of the families served, in order to identify issues that may
indicate the need for treatment and refer them for psychological

Children from 0 to 12 years old from the families served by Dara are our target audience. The project structured in three stages: identification, diagnosis, and treatment or referral. Psychologists and guided volunteers welcomed the children in the Institute’s recreation space, where they carried out playful activities that allowed the perception of their living conditions and emotional situation in a natural way. Signs of vulnerability that indicated the need for treatment were identified and the children were followed up to be referred for psychological follow-up close to their homes when necessary. The main issues identified in the children were anxiety, depression, aggression and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This project was made possible by the Care About the Children Foundation, chaired by the Queen of Sweden.