Dara Food Project

Nutritional guidance intended for best using the food card, fighting hunger and reducing food insecurity among the families served by Dara.

The purpose of the Dara Food Project is to fight hunger and reduce food insecurity among the families served by Instituto Dara through guidance on the best use of the credit offered on food cards and nutritional monitoring. Families are initially diagnosed according to the Brazilian Food Insecurity Scale (EBIA), a psychometric scale that directly assesses one of the dimensions of food and nutritional security in a population through the perception and experience of hunger. One measurement is made upon arrival at Dara and another after a 12-month follow-up. A team monitors the daily life of these families and maps food card invoices monthly, which enables them to evaluate the nutritional status and the family’s eating habits.
Parents or guardians are also advised on the purchase of healthy foods, as well as on a change in eating habits, according to the nutritional needs of each family and considering impact, cost and benefit.

This project is made possible by Instituto Phi.