Waterproofing Project

The actions carried out by the Housing area seek to enable basic health conditions in the homes of the families served by Dara.

Among these actions is the Waterproofing Project. The Housing area is anchored in the concept of “healthy housing”, in which actions are planned with a focus on promoting well-being and health. It also looks for solutions that ensure basic health conditions, such as piped water, coated walls and floors, safe electrical installation, adequate roof and windows.

The Waterproofing Project, carried out in partnership with the company Vedacit, interacts with the scope of work carried out by Instituto Dara in the Housing area. Throughout 2023, the products donated by Vedacit made 17 interventions possible, covering corrective, preventive actions and assisted donations. During the donation process, families were instructed on the proper application of the products to optimize their benefits, including participating in a training course at FAU/UFRJ.