Dara Institute granted special consultative status in UN’s ECOSOC

After 32 years of consistent work towards eradicating poverty, Dara Institute joined the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on July 26th, under a special consultative status.

Established in 1945, ECOSOC is the only UN branch dedicated to the direct participation of civil society organizations. This allows them to engage, express and influence global powers, contributing to a more engaged society regarding social, economic, environmental and cultural issues.

By joining the commission, Dara has the opportunity to actively collaborate with other NGOs, particularly within initiatives like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), many of which align with the work of the Family Action Plan (PAF), a multisectoral methodology developed by Dara Institute that encompasses initiatives in areas like Health, Education, Income generation, Housing and Citizenship.

This title marks one more significant step in the institute’s history, which has already impacted over 85 thousand families directly and indirectly worldwide. Now, it can further expand the dialogue and efforts towards combating poverty, and promoting health and human development.