Instituto Dara and TechnipFMC: partnership goes stronger

Representatives of the French American company, TechnipFMC, visited Instituto Dara’s headquarters in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. They were: Lamonica Spivey, International Director of Inclusion, Diversity and Social Responsibility, Tai Prince, Social Responsibility Manager, both from the US team and Carolina Werneck, Manager for Inclusion, Diversity and Social Responsibility in Brazil.

The purpose of the visit was to strengthen the link between the two organizations that began with a partnership between TechnipFMC and Dara in a project called Daras, a program that offers professional and personal autonomy for women of color.

The visitors were hosted by Vera Cordeiro, Founder and President of the Board of the Dara Institute, Cindy Lessa, Vice President, José Land, Executive Director and Luiz Sergio Pereira, Institutional Relationships Leader.

Women visit the TechnipFMC factory

On the day before the visit to the Dara Institute, on March 14, Neige Motta, coordinator of the income generation program of the Dara Institute, visited the TechnipFMC factory in Pavuna, in the Northern Zone of Rio de Janeiro, with eleven women who participate in the Daras program.

The Dara group was hosted by women engineers and other women staff members of the company who showed the visitors the production process and later met and discussed the importance of a well written resumés in selection processes.

The women in the Dara group were positively surprised to meet the women led TechnipFMC group in a field that is usually dominated by men: “It is very important to see women advance in all fields, see them conquering their spaces. That really expanded my awareness and desire to grow and move forward”, said Miriam Mathias Henrique.

The Daras Project that is sponsored by TechnipFMC has been made possible by the Lei de Incentivo à Cultura/Cultural Incentive Federal Law and the Lei do ISS da Secretaria Municipal de Cultura do Rio de Janeiro/The ISS Law of the Rio de Janeiro Municipality for Cultural Incentive.