Volunteering: an act of solidarity

In Brazil, the National Volunteering Day is held on August 28th. On this day, we celebrate not just another date on the calendar, but also the pulsating heart that keeps the flame of solidarity and commitment alive. For 32 years, the Dara Institute has been on a mission to transform lives, and a significant part of our work has been made possible due to the dedication of volunteers at our organization.

Our volunteers devote their time, knowledge, and passion to supporting our beneficiary families served by our team on a daily basis. With their selfless gestures, they weave an invisible thread that connects people in search of hope, knowledge, and mutual support. Through this continuous effort, we build bridges that provide opportunities, education, and comfort where it is needed most. 

Every day, each smile unveils the resilient spirit and compassion that permeate our volunteer’s network. They embody the belief that together we are stronger, and their actions inspire others to join our institution on this transformative journey. Today, we celebrate not only National Volunteering Day, but take this opportunity to convey our gratitude to every volunteer who makes the lasting impact of the Dara Institute possible.