Dara Institute promotes solidarity live to alert society about the worsening of poverty in Brazil

The live “Enough! Poverty is not normal” will include artists, digital influencers and families supported by the organization, which has been working for 29 years to combat structural poverty

December 14th is the National Day to Combat Poverty, a situation that affects more than 54.8 million people in Brazil. To mark the date, Dara Institute (formerly known as Saúde Criança) will hold the solidarity live musical Enough! Poverty is not normal on December 14, at 7 pm, on the organization’s YouTube channel, with the objective of drawing the attention of Brazilian society to the worsening of poverty in Brazil. The live also aims to mobilize and raise funds that will directly contribute to Dara’s actions and projects in the fight against poverty.

Cultural journalist Fábio Júdice, from Rede Globo, will be the presenter of the event, which will count on the participation of well-known African-Brazilian percussion group Olodum, as well as by emerging musicians such as Adriana Moreira, Karine Telles, Kiko Horta, Guilherme Ventura (Coletivo Imune), among others. In addition, there will be performances by the musical group Amigos no Samba, a band by Gabriel do Nascimento, father responsible for a family that was attended by Dara; and the Souza family band, which was also supported by the organization, represented by the flute player Ruth Souza, 16, and her father Miqueias Souza, 37-year-old guitarist, residents of Bangu, Rio de Janeiro.

“I was supported by Dara Institute in 2017 and I can only be grateful for everything that was done for my family. The work done is incredible and very important to seek the eradication of poverty with vulnerable families. And now, nearing the holiday season, it is a great honor to be able to participate in the live and show a little of our work with music”, says Gabriel do Nascimento, musician who will perform at the live.

The live will include the participation of Vera Cordeiro, founder and chairman of the board of Dara Institute, testimonials from families supported, and digital influencers. “Our work is to combat structural poverty and to promote social inclusion for vulnerable families. When I founded Dara Institute almost 30 years ago, I realized that poverty is multidimensional and that to face it, we need intersectoral and integrated solutions”, says Vera Cordeiro.

Context and solutions:
Economists estimate that Brazil will end 2020 with an unemployment rate of 15% and the peak of the crisis will be in the middle of 2021. In a recently launched survey, the Getúlio Vargas Foundation showed that in August more than 270,000 people from Rio de Janeiro entered the poverty line, which rose again by 1.55%, according to data from the Covid-19 National Household Sample Survey (Pnad), led by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

Dara Institute believes that it is possible to promote social inclusion and combat structural poverty in an integrated and effective way. And we know how to do it!

For 29 years, Dara has implemented the social technology known as the Plano de Ação Familiar (PAF – Family Action Plan) with socially vulnerable families, leading actions in the areas of health care, income, housing, education, and citizenship. The families are accompanied by a team of specialized professionals and volunteers, who help them set goals in these five areas.

On average, a family takes two years to overcome a situation of social vulnerability to fully exercise their citizenship. Over that time, they become protagonists of their own lives. And this autonomy is sustained over the years. A survey by Georgetown University proved that, three to five years after leaving the program, family income practically doubled, and hospital readmissions fell by 86%.

The National Day to Combat Poverty was established by Law No. 11,172, of September 6, 2005. This date increasingly reflects an important, urgent and contemporary issue such as the fight against poverty, which needs to be disseminated to reverberate within civil society. Only through collectivity can we combat structural poverty.

About Dara Institute:
Dara Institute promotes social inclusion and combats structural poverty in an integrated and effective way. It works with the direct care of vulnerable families, the dissemination of knowledge, the influence on public policies, and the mobilization of civil society. For eight consecutive years, Dara has been considered the best NGO in Latin America and 21st in the world by the Swiss publication NGO Advisor. Throughout its history, it has received awards and recognition for its work and has directly impacted the lives of more than 75,000 people in social vulnerability in Brazil and indirectly more than 1 million people in 4 continents. According to Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, “ara Institute has created a powerful social methodology for the inclusion of the poorest.” Learn more: www.dara.org.br

National Day to Combat Poverty
Live Enough! Poverty is not normal
12/14, Monday – 7:00 PM
Dara Institute YouTube channel – www.youtube.com/c/InstitutoDaraSaúdeCriança
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