Dara presents the Family Action Plan for Itu’s City Hall

Dara’s CEO, Adriane Menna Barreto, has visited Itu’s City Hall to get to know the county’s main public equipment. Tecendo Infâncias Institute invited Adriane to visit the city. Adriane is a member of the advisory board that is creating the municipal plan for the early infancy in Itu. 

The most significant visit to the public equipment was at the Centro de Referência da Assistência Social (CRAS) “Frei Alípio Both”. She was with Tecendo Infâncias executive mentor, Adriano Schincariol. Adriane was introduced to the model of care held at CRAS and also offered herself to  upgrade it, using Dara’s expertise.

Adriane also visited a health center, “Unidade Básica de Saúde (UBS) 08” and the Public Hospital. She was guided by the Mayor of the town, Guilherme Gazzola. She even met “Santa Casa”, which ends the construction of the children’s ER building that will be opened next Monday.