Her Majesty The Queen’s Foundation “Care About the Children  – and the Dara Institute signed a partnership at the beginning of the year to develop a project for children’s emotional health in Rio de Janeiro.

The project “Children’s Emotional Health – early diagnosis for a better life” was designed to help 100 children up to 12 years of age in a vulnerable situation. Our psychologists and volunteers will work with the children in recreational activities that allow them to assess their living conditions and emotional situation in a completely natural environment.Once specific needs are identified – such as anxiety, food insecurity, depression, lack of interest in school or physical signs of abuse – children can be monitored or referred for treatment with specialists from our support network. The Dara Institute currently monitors 690 children under the age of 18, and 334 since early childhood.

The Foundation, presided over by Queen Silvia, who already has ties to Brazil – she is the daughter of a Brazilian national – intends to contribute to a world in which all children have their most basic needs met: the opportunity for care, education and the right to be children through play.- “The Queen Silvia Foundation is one of the most discerning social institutions in terms of its choice of partners and projects developed around the world, and its donation is a proof of the trust it has in has in the Dara Institute, as it is always attentive to the best practices of governance and social impact – stressed Vera Cordeiro.