Instituto Dara shared knowledge with the Mozambican organization

For the second year in a row, the Dara Institute has shared the knowledge it has gained over more than 30 years of the intersectoral methodology it uses to fight poverty (the PAF or Family Action Plan) with the organization Girl Move Academy.

Dara is a partner in the Changemaker LAB innovation lab, a four-month intensive innovation program where Girl MOVERS – licensed young Mozambicans, work in Nampula communities to test and validate ideas to solve economic and social challenges in Mozambique.

This year, Dara will contribute to the challenge of testing how a holistic view of health can enhance the wellbeing and prosperity of families. The Dara Institute’s technical team, comprised of doctors Sylvia Lordello, Marisa Santos and the Social Service Leader, Cristina Pereira, guides young Girl Movers in the implementation of the PAF methodology in a basic health unit in Mozambique.

“To implement a project, we have to have a dream, and ours is for inclusive health in Mozambique!” say Inocência Macome and Biut Chilaúle, from Girl Move!