After PAF, Carllos recovers and has his life transformed

With the support of Instituto Dara, two-year-old Carllos is in stable health and his mother, Camila, 29, has returned to making plans for their future. “Now that my son is in good health, I am going to try to take the cooking course at Instituto Dara, because I want to sell snacks. Today, he is in good health, he is now normal and running,” said his mother.

In 2017, Carllos was diagnosed with a heart disease and congenital malformation. He had surgery to remove a granuloma, but he caught a bacterial infection and was hospitalized for 44 days. Currently, he is under medical supervision at the National Institute of Cardiology and needs to take antibiotics.

The family lived in a house with only one bedroom and one bathroom in the city of Belford Roxo, located in an area known as Baixada Fluminense, but the house was expanded thanks to the renovation conducted by the Housing Program. It now has a kitchen, a laundry area, a bedroom, in addition to new bathroom flooring, new doors, windows, and painting. “Now, our house is very large and spacious.
My children can move around here freely. We can now sleep comfortably. Also, we have a water tank – before that, we used to take a shower with a mug. Our bathroom has a door, a shower, and a faucet,” Camila said happily.

“I would like to thank the entire team at Instituto Dara, who helped me all this time and supported me. Thank you for my new home, for the renovation, for building my dream and that of my children. We are very happy because of you. Thank you so much!”, Camila thanked.