Daras Project

It aims to strengthen the cultural identity of black and brown women, so that they may develop a more critical look at society and become protagonists in the construction of a transformational future.

Launched in November 2022 (the month of Black Consciousness), the Daras Project aims to strengthen the cultural identity of the black and brown women served by Instituto Dara. The Project also has the support of the Revenue Generation area by conducting culinary – including the preparation of pot cakes and cupcakes – and business management workshops for the prompt financial return of their business.

The women involved in the Project visit cultural establishments and are offered poetry, music, dance and visual arts activities – elements that are crucial for empowering women who are frequently unaware of their potential as entrepreneurs and change agents.

This project was made possible through the Culture Incentive Law, ISS Law, with the sponsorship of the Municipal Department of Culture of Rio de Janeiro, as well as TechnipFMC (first edition) and SC Johnson (second edition, 2023).