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Elisabete – Sewing machine that will allow her to start entrepreneuring

Elisabete lives in the “Rocinha” Community with her two daughters: Olivia and Luiza, aged 8 and 10. She has always been passionate about sewing and has had the opportunity to work and learn from the best dressmaker in the community. Her dream is to own a sewing machine to fabricate models for plus size women and, through this business, guarantee the livelihood of her family. Be a part of this dream.

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Giovanna – Special milk

Giovanna, 1 year and 3 months old, will have heart surgery when she turns 3 years old. She is allergic to milk protein and needs six cans of special milk a month – and each costs about R$230. Help the little one get the 18 cans and guarantee her food for 3 months.

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