Support from the World Bank and its staff contributes to families in extreme vulnerability

On October 29 of last year, Dr. Vera Cordeiro, founder of the Dara Institute and president of the Council, delivered a talk to World Bank staff. The following month, the World Bank started a “double match” campaign – for every Brazilian real (about 18 US cents) donated by a World Bank employee to the Dara Institute, the Bank donated 2 reais. Enough money was raised to guarantee the participation of 37 families in the Family Action Plan (FAP) for two months.

One of them is the family of three-year-old Kauai Silva.

Kauai lives with his mother and his three sisters Alice (5), Lara (5) and Vitória (10) in a rented house in the community of Santo Amaro, in Rio de Janeiro. During the pandemic, his mother Roselândia (38 years old) was infected with Covid-19, and has not been able to work since. For two months, Kauai and his family received a basic food basket and milk to meet his nutritional needs.

But the campaign delivered much more than a plate of food. Thanks to their participation in the FAP, the Kauai family and 36 other highly vulnerable families benefited from the health, education, housing, income generation and citizenship programs that Dara offers.

Below are some of the results achieved with the support of the World Bank campaign:

In addition to these services, support was also provided to the Connected project, which in 2021 will train 45 young people aged 16 to 21 in using digital tools. By engaging in debates on social issues in their communities and mapping out career plans, the project will enhance their technological know-how and facilitate their transition into the labour market.

In 1991, Dara’s founder Dr. Vera understood that more needed to be done to eliminate poverty in Brazil and around the world. In the 30 years since then, more than 75,000 people have been directly impacted by Dara’s work through Family Action Plans.

Today, we are experiencing a very challenging reality. Poverty has become even more accentuated.

To each and everyone who participated in this campaign, we extend our sincere thanks! You are part of a global movement to eradicate poverty.

Poverty is not normal and we know how to overcome it.

“Corporate social responsibility is a fundamental tool. That is why the Dara Institute develops campaigns such as this one with different companies throughout the year. It is our distinct pleasure to be able to carry out campaigns in partnership with international, national and local institutions. The most important thing is to guarantee the health and human development of everyone, including the most vulnerable children and families.”
– Mirella Domenich, Executive Director

To carry out a campaign in your company, please contact us at dara@dara.org.br.